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Magnetic Wristband Pocket Bracelet Strap

Magnetic Wrist Band with a see-through plastic bag to hold non-metal objects, just like plastic washers.
Part No.: 12.52inch x 3.27inch
Size: 12.52"x3.27"
Color: Blue

Two permanent magnets  - magnets helps to hold small tool,  tools will not fall off from the magnetic wrist band.                            
Provides a third helping  -   Convenient and efficient for Keeping nails, screws, bits, bolts, washers, drill bits.                            
Adjustable designed -   Wrist strap is adjustable to fit most of wrist sizes.                            
The best way to grip drill bits, bolts, screws, nails, bolts, and smaller tools .                            
Magnetic wrist band is a great helper for house working, home improvement, repairing, and construction. 

Part number:                   WB910813

Item type:                        Magnetic wrist band 

Outer layer:                     Oxford fabric  

Inner layer:                      soft breathable mesh padding

Magnet material:            Permanent magnet     

Magnet Quantity:           2pcs      

Product  Length:            12.52Inches

Product Width:              3.27Inches

Product Weight:            1.9 Ounces 

Product Color:               Blue 

One master carton includes 50pcs of magnetic wristband                                    
Master carton:  11.8 Inch x 9.45 Inch  x 9.45 Inch