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Surface Coating

Neodymium magnets have poor resistance to corrosion. In order to protect the neodymium magnet from corrosion, usually, neodymium magnet will be plated.

The most common coating for Neodymium magnets is Nickel + Copper + Nickel (Ni + Cu + Ni). This coating offers the magnet relatively good protection from corrosion and passive applications. If the magnet will be exposed to moisture or liquid then consider the use of an organic coating such as Epoxy. A hard wearing coating, Epoxy is suited to applications where the magnet will come under some friction or knocking. Meanwhile, other options for coating are Color Zinc, Zinc, Epoxy resin, Silver, Gold, Tin, and so on.

Surface Coating of Neodymium Magnet

Nickel   1.jpgNi 10-25   Bright Silver  Excellent against Humidity   
Ni+Epoxy resinBlack,  Grey
Zinc  1.jpgZn8-15   Bright BlueGood Against Salt Spray  
C+ZnLight Blue Tint
Znic  Cr3+  1.jpgZn8-15   Bright BlueGood Against Salt Spray
C+ZnLight Blue TintExcellent Against Salt Spray
Epoxy   1.jpgEpoxy15-25   Black, Grey   Excellent Against Humidity & Salt Spray 
Tin1.jpgNi+Cu+Sn15-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
Au1.jpgNi+Cu+Au 10-20 GoldSuperior Against Humidity
Ag1.jpgNi+Ag 10-20SilverSuperior Against Humidity
Everlube1.jpg   Ni+Cu+Everlube10-20Pale GoldSuperior corrosion & Salt Spray 
IVD AI1.jpgAI 5-25Silver WhiteExcellent adhesive force, high temperature resistance
Parylene1.jpgParylene5 -20 TransparentSuperior corrosion & Salt Spray
Passivation1.jpgNo coating1- 3 Silver GreyTemporary Protection