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Block & Cube Magnets

Neodymium Iron Boron magnet also called NdFeB Magnet. Which is the most strong of all magnetic material. Block magnet are made of neodymium, iron, boron and other alloy.
Neodymium magnet block can be produced in square, cube, rectangle and irregular block shape.
Block magnet provides high energy and Br (from 11700Gauss to 14800Guass), and neodymium magnet has a wide variety of applications ,including high performance motors, brushless DC motor, servo motor, wind power, magnetic separation, MRI, sensor, generator, loudspeaker.
We can supply neodymium magnet block of different dimension, the minimum length 1.5mm, and Minimum thickness 0.5mm

Disc Magnets

Neodymium Disc Magnet are available in various different grades, these grades can meet a wide of range of properties and application requirements. 
Strong Neodymium magnet Disc can be produced from diameter1.5 mm to 200mm, thickness from 0.8mm to 50mm. Also produce disc magnet with countersunk hole, straight hole in different size and grades.
NdFeB disc magnet are commonly used in sensors, souvenir toys, magnetic tools, office supplies,
Magnetotherapeutic clothes, handbag button, art &crafts projects and more.

Ring Magnets

Neodymium Ring Magnet are great for loudspeaker, home theater, multimedia, headset, water meter, vibration motor, etc.
Sintered NdFeB Magnet Ring are supplied in different grades and sizes, maximum diameter 220mm, minimum thickness 1.0mm. Ring magnet, which are magnetized through thickness (axially), north pole and south pole are located on the top and bottom. Axially magnetized is common magnetism for ring magnets. Diameterically magnetized also can be made as per customer's different requirement.

Cylinder Magnets

Neodymium Cylinder Magnets are available in various different grades, these grades can meet a wide of range of properties and application requirements. They are used in many application.
NdFeB Magnets, the max working temperature is 200℃,surface treatment for neodymium magnets is needed , it will protect neodymium magnet from rusting.
The common surface coating is Nickle, NiCuNi, Zinc, and Epoxy resin coating. 

Rod & Bar Magnets

Small bar or rod neodymium magnets are usually used in magnetic bracelet, magnetic necklace, magnetic jewelry clasp, and magnetic therapy for healthy care.
Most of magnetic jewelry clasp, the size are 3x3mm, 4x4mm.  5x6mm,  6x6mm 6x8mm, and 8x8mm.  Other size can be products as per customer’s requirements.
For magnetic jewelry, surface coating includes Au coating (gold color),  Ag(silver color).

Arc Segment Magnets

We provide a variety of dimension and grades, which can meet many applications and different demands.
Arc neodymium magnets are commonly used in generator, DC motor, serve motor, wind turbine, spindle motor, vacuum motor, linear motor and induction motor.
Most of arc segment magnet are plated by triple coating, Nickle -Copper-Nickle for a corrosion resistant finish. Working temperature from 80℃ to 200℃   

N52 Strong Magnets

Neodymium iron boron magnets, N52 grade is the largest energy products, BH max reach to 53MGOe.  It's widely used in motor, sensor, clean up tool, sound device, aerospace, magnetic Separation and wind energy etc.  N52 big block, the common size include 50x50x30mm, 50x50x25mm, 50x50x20mm, 50.8x50.8x12.7mm, 46x46x22mm, 45x45x20mm and 50.8x25.4x12.7mm.

Countersunk Magnets

Anisotropic Neodymium Magnet with countersunk hole, can be produced in different shape.
Disc magnet with countersunk,  Block magnet with countersunk, Ring magnet with countersunk, and arc segment with countersunk.
NdFeB Magnets with mounting hole, easily fastened into a place for lifting or hanging some stuff.
We can supply countersunk magnet in different size for various applications.

Adhesive Backed Magnet

Neodymium 3M self-adhesive magnets, thickness from 1mm to 5mm, these thin disc and block adhesive magnets with super strong magnetism. Adhesive backed strong magnet can
be used to create fridge magnets, Kitchen cupboard, cabinet, holding small parts, tools, gun storage. and so on.
Neodymium magnet block and disc magnet with 3M Self-adhesive, simply peel off the 3M adhesive, then stick disc or block rare earth magnet to smooth, dry surface.

Nickle Coating Magnets

Strong Neodymium Magnet has poor resistance to corrosion, in order to prevent neodymium magnet from corrosion, surface coating is needed. There is a variety of surface plating available, such as, Nickle plating, Nickel-Copper-Nickle plating, Epoxy resin plating, Zinc plating, gold coating, rubber coating and more. Nickel coating and Nickle-Copper-Nickle coating are the most common plating for most applications.

Epoxy Coating Magnets

Epoxy resin coating neodymium magnet, excellent against humidity and salt spray. There are three types of coating, Epoxy coating, Ni+Cu+Epoxy coating, and Zinc+Epoxy. The common color of epoxy resin are black and grey.
Besides, we also provide other surface coating, Zinc+Cr3 plating, Ag plating, Parylene plating, rubber plating, Chrome plating, Passivation and Phosphate.

Zinc Coating Magnets

Neodymium magnet can be supplied in two different coating, blue-white zinc coating and color zinc coating. Zinc coating has a good shield to against salt spray.
We can provide zinc coating magnet in different grade, dimension, shape (including ring, cylinder, rod, block, disc, arc segment and irregular shape). Other plating on request.
Other coating including  Nickle-Copper-Nickle, Nickle, Zinc, Epoxy resin, Gold, Tin, and Parylene.   

Grade of Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium Magnet ( also called Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet, Strong Magnet) can be supplied in different grade and size. Basially, N35 grade, N38 grade, N40 grade and N42 grade, these are the most common grade for most applications .                                                                       
If you have no idea about the choice of Neodymium magnet grade, or need technical assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us

Gold Coating Magnets

Au (Nickle-Au-Nickle) coated Neodymium magnet, superior surface coating against humidity. Au coating neodymium magnet are widely used in magnetic jewelry, include magnetic bracelet, magnetic necklace, magnetic jewelry clasp, and magnetic therapy for health care.
We offer a big selection of gold magnets, large or smaller size in different shapes.

Dimension Range of Neodymium Magnet

Strong Neodymium Magnet (also called Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet) can be supplied in different dimension
And grade. Many various shape can be made, such as, Block, Ring, Bar, Rod, Disc, Cylinder,
Arc segment, Sphere, Cube, Triangle, Semi-ring, Unique and irregular shapes.
If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please contact us.

Direction of Magnetization

Neodymium magnet(also called strong magnet) can be produced in different shapes and sizes. Each shape has
2 ~4 kinds of magnetization direction, including axially oriented, magnetized through thickness and length,
oriented through diameter, multi-pole oriented on outer surface ,multi-pole oriented on inside diameter, diametrical orientation and so on

Surface Coating

Neodymium magnets have poor resistance to corrosion. In order to protect the neodymium magnet from corrosion, usually, neodymium magnet will be plated.

The most common coating for Neodymium magnets is Nickel + Copper + Nickel (Ni + Cu + Ni). This coating offers the magnet relatively good protection from corrosion and passive applications. If the magnet will be exposed to moisture or liquid then consider the use of an organic coating such as Epoxy. A hard wearing coating, Epoxy is suited to applications where the magnet will come under some friction or knocking. Meanwhile, other options for coating are Color Zinc, Zinc, Epoxy resin, Silver, Gold, Tin, and so on.

Common Applications

Neodymium magnet are widely used in many fields, Industries,  Electronic, Automotive,
Energy conservation, Telecommunications, Office automation, as well as many other applications.

Physical Properties

Neodymium Magnet ( also known as Neodymium Iron Boron Magnet, Strong Magnet) can be supplied in different grade and size. Basially, N35 grade, N38 grade, N40 grade and N42 grade ,these are the most common grade for most applications.
If you have no idea about the choice of Neodymium magnet Grade, or need technical assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us

Magnetic Wrist Band

Aisen Magnets has 14 kinds magnetic wrist band, different specifications, you may have several options,
keep small tools, nails, bolts, drill bits, nuts, scissors, small tool handy, no more worry about losing or dropping small parts while working
Provides a third helping, keep your hands free while working.
Perfect for DIY , electrician, carpenter, auto mechanic, handyman,
Adjustable velcro strap strap,  one size fits most wrist

Rubber Covered Magnet with Thread Hole

Neodymium Disc magnet with a rubber covering, made of neodymium magnet.
Great for workshop, warehouse, factory, office, gun storage in car and home        
Rubber encased, providing corrosion protection,help prevent scratching .        
Easily and fast installation, can be used in outdoor or in a wet enviroment        
Round disc mounting magnet, holding force from 5.0kgs to 42kgs        
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Hair Pin Magnetic Bracelet

Rectangular and Heart shapes,  7 colors,  you may have several options    
Hold bobby pins, hair clips, pins,small metal parts in easy reach, keeps hand free.    
Colorful  and comfortable wrist strap for the user to wear, one size fit most wrist    
Great for home use,  hairsalon,  barber shop, hair stylist,  makeup artist    
Adjustable soft silicone band, quickly wraps your wrist.

Rubber Covered Magnet with External Thread

Strong disc magnets with external thread are great for use in many applications.
Diameter 22mm,  31mm, 34mm, 36mm, 43mm,66mm.88mm are avaliable.
Rubber holding magnets with M4 - M8 external thread (male thread)
Soft rubber coating are good for protecting surface scratches
External Thread, easy to  mount, lifting or holding some objects
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Magnetic Gloves

Yellow magnetic finger glove and blue fingerless back magnet mechanic glove    
Magnet in back of glove for keeping  nails, screws, nuts, bolts.drill bits in place.    
Figertip with a small magnet for the user to be able to make precise control.    
Magnet glove with adjustable velcro closure for easily pulling glove on and off.    
Ideal for installation, car repairing,  electrical, constructions, home improvement.