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Hair Pin Magnetic Bracelet

Rectangular and Heart shapes, 7 colors,  you may have several options,   
Hold bobby pins, hair clips, pins, small metal parts in easy reach, keeps hand free.    
Colorful  and comfortable wrist strap for the user to wear, one size fit most wrist    
Great for home use,  hairsalon, barber shop, hair stylist, makeup artist    
Adjustable soft silicone band, quickly wraps your wrist.

Hairdressing Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband

9.45" Red Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Yellow Wrist Strap Magnetic Hair Pin Holder

9.45" Yellow Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Bobby Pin Magnetic Hair Clip Organizer

9.45" Black Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Magnetic Pin Bracelet Hair Clip Holder

9.45" Rose red Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Magnetic Silicone Sewing Pin Holder For Sale

9.45" Blue Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Magnetc Wrist Strap Bracelet Hold Bobby Pins And Clips

9.45" Green Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Magnetic Bracelet Holding Bobby Pin Hair Pin Wristband

9.45" Purple Magnetic Hair Pin Bracelet

Hair Pin Wrist Band Magnetic Hairdressing Tool

9.45" Red Magnetic bobby Pin wristband

Promotional Magnetic Hair Clips Wrist Strap Bracelet

9.45" Green Magnetic Hair Pin Wrist Strap

Waterproof Hair Styling Magnetic Holder

9.45" Purple Magnetic Bobbie Pin Wristband

Magnetic Hair Clip Bobbie Pin Wristband Holder

9.45" Blue Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband

Hairdressing Magnetic Bobby Pin Bracelet

9.45" Rose red Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband

Custom Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband Holder

9.45" Black Magnetic Bobby Pin Wristband

Silicone Magnetic Hair Clip Bobbie Pin Bracelet

9.45" Yellow Magnetic Bobby Pin Braclet