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Rubber Coated Disc Magnets

Round Rubber Coated Magnet, neodymium disc magnet was totally encased in black rubber, there is no scratching while mounting. Maximum diameter is 88mm. Great for holding light, tools, key, gun and more applications.

Rectangular Rubber Coated Gun Magnet, it can hold weapon securely in place without damaging and scuffing them. Mount your handgun vertically, horizontally or upside down for easy access and a quick draw.

We have six types of rubber coated magnet:
Rubber coated magnet with thread hole
Rubber coated magnet with Internal threaded /female threaded
Rubber coated magnet with External threaded/ male threaded
Rubber coated magnet with handle (grip)
Rubber coated cable mounting magnet
Rubber coated gun magnet

Rubber Covered Magnet with Thread Hole

Neodymium Disc magnet with a rubber covering, made of neodymium magnet.
Great for workshop, warehouse, factory, office, gun storage in car and home        
Rubber encased, providing corrosion protection,help prevent scratching .        
Easily and fast installation, can be used in outdoor or in a wet enviroment        
Round disc mounting magnet, holding force from 5.0kgs to 42kgs        
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Rubber Covered Magnet with External Thread

Strong disc magnets with external thread are great for use in many applications.
Diameter 22mm,  31mm, 34mm, 36mm, 43mm,66mm.88mm are avaliable.
Rubber holding magnets with M4 - M8 external thread (male thread)
Soft rubber coating are good for protecting surface scratches
External Thread, easy to  mount, lifting or holding some objects
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Rubber Covered Magnet with Internal Thread

Rubber coated magnet mount with high pull force from 2.2lbs to 93lbs
Pot magnet encased in rubber cover, waterproof, can be used in outdoor.
Easy and fast installation, mount magnet with internal thread  to suitable place.
Internal thread rubber coated pot magnet is made of neodymium magnet.
Great for factory, office, workshop, warehouse, and home.
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Rubber Covered Vehicle Gripper Magnets

Neodymium rubber coated round base magnet with handle    
Suitable for postioning vinyl film when installing the car wrap.   
This handle magnet can move freely while stick on the metal surface.     
Holding and lifting application when in cotact with ferrous, metal surface.      
It can hold something securely in place without damaging and scuffing .    
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Rubber Covered Cable Mounting Magnet

Perfect temporary mounting and permanent installations on ferrous metal surface
Simple solution for the mess, organizing electrical wires data cables in place
Rubber coavered magnetic systems with strong pull force, from 3.5kgs to 10kgs
Easily attached to the metal surface, no scraches while installation or remove.
Magnetic cable tie mount can be repositioned and reused.            
Maximum operating temperature 80℃

Rubber Covered Gun Magnet Holder

Magnetic gun mount with strong pull force, holds handgun securely
Mount handgun vertically, horizontally or upsidedown for a quick draw.
Rectangle and disc gun magnet holder are available
Rubberized magnet holder,useful and safetly solution for gun storage
Easy to grab and put back on the magnet.
Maximum operating temperature 80℃