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Magnetic Gloves

Yellow magnetic finger glove and blue fingerless back magnet mechanic glove    
Magnet in back of glove for keeping  nails, screws, nuts, bolts.drill bits in place.    
Figertip with a small magnet for the user to be able to make precise control.    
Magnet glove with adjustable velcro closure for easily pulling glove on and off.    
Ideal for installation, car repairing,  electrical, constructions, home improvement.

Craftsman Magnetic Work Glove X Large

X Large Magnetic Finger Glove

Impact Large Mechanic Magnetic Glove

Large Magnetic Finger Glove

Durable Medium Magnetic Fingertip Glove

Medium Magnetic Finger Glove

Back Magnet Mechanic Work Glove

X Large Fingerless Magnetic Glove

3 Low Cut Magnetic Fishing Glove

Large Fingerless Magnetic Glove

Figerless Work Glove With Magnets

Medium Fingerless Magnetic Glove