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DIY Magnet Tool

Magnetic Wristband,keep small tools,nails,bolts,drill bits,nuts handy,no more worry about losing or dropping small parts while working.

Hairpin Magnetic Bracelet hold hairpin,bobby pins,hair clip in easy reach while doing hair styles.
Magnetic Glove/Mechanic working glove,Permanent magnet in the back of glove for holding bolts,screws or other small metal objects. Great for helping instrument adjustments,installation and assembling product.

Magnetic Parts Tray,keep small parts,small tools,and metal accessories in one place, can be used vertically, upside down and horizontally, nothing get lost.

Magnetic Wrist Band

Aisen Magnets has 14 kinds magnetic wrist band, different specifications, you may have several options,
keep small tools, nails, bolts, drill bits, nuts, scissors, small tool handy, no more worry about losing or dropping small parts while working
Provides a third helping, keep your hands free while working.
Perfect for DIY , electrician, carpenter, auto mechanic, handyman,
Adjustable velcro strap strap,  one size fits most wrist

Hair Pin Magnetic Bracelet

Rectangular and Heart shapes,  7 colors,  you may have several options    
Hold bobby pins, hair clips, pins,small metal parts in easy reach, keeps hand free.    
Colorful  and comfortable wrist strap for the user to wear, one size fit most wrist    
Great for home use,  hairsalon,  barber shop, hair stylist,  makeup artist    
Adjustable soft silicone band, quickly wraps your wrist.

Magnetic Gloves

Yellow magnetic finger glove and blue fingerless back magnet mechanic glove    
Magnet in back of glove for keeping  nails, screws, nuts, bolts.drill bits in place.    
Figertip with a small magnet for the user to be able to make precise control.    
Magnet glove with adjustable velcro closure for easily pulling glove on and off.    
Ideal for installation, car repairing,  electrical, constructions, home improvement.

Magnetic Parts Tray

Stainless steel rectangle magnetic parts tray and round magnetic bowl.    
Great for auto repair, DIY projects,  machine tool operation, home improvement.    
Keep ferrous metal parts, small tool securely in place without losing.    
Magnetic parts tray and round magnetic bowl works at any angle.    
Black rubber covered magnetic base for surface protection.