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Salvage Magnets

Strong Neodymium cylinder magnet with rust resistant steel cup.Steel cup provide protection for magnet. Pulling force from 50kg to 650kg.
High pulling force retrieving magnet can search lost equimpent,keys,tools,or any ferrous metal objects that may fall into deep water.

Offers a choice of four different salvage:
Two-sided Treasure Salvage Magnet
Eyebolt treasure fishing magnet
Holding and hanging salvage magnet
Underwater retrieving magnet  

Square Salvage Magnet

50x50x25mm Square retrieving magnet is made of neodymium magnet
Suitable for underwater salvage, hanging, lifting, retrieving applications
Magnet with countersunk hole, can be mounted by eyebolt, hook, knob.
Small strong square magnet with big pulling force 75kgf ~105kgf       
Red, yellow, blue and green and silver are available.

Eyebolt Salvage Magnet

Eyebolt fishing magnet can be used for treasure hunting in the sea, river and lake.       
Strong Pull force from 50kgf to 600kgf meet different underwater applications.    
Magnet with Internal thread, easy to screw in and out eyebolt and hook.    
Thread hole M6, M8, M10, M12, M14 and M16,  multiple choices        
Also good for mounting applications, holding & hanging some stuff.

Two Sides Salvage Magnet

Two sided treasure search magnet offers both vertical and horizontal lifting ability.       
Super strong treasure salvage magnet holding force from100kgf to 650kgf    
Powerful neodymium magnet with rust resistant coated metal shell.     
Great for magnetic fishing treature, lifting, hanging and underwater retrieving.    
 Maximum operating temperature 80℃