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Diy Handyman Magnetic Wrist Nail Holder

Black DIY magnetic wrist band makes your working easier, installing, curtain rod, hanging painting and decoration.
Part No.: 15.75inch x 2.95inch
Size: 15.75"x2.95"
Color: Blue

Six permanent magnets  -  Wristband magnet can be attached metal frame, shelves, cabinet, or other metal surface.                 
Provides a third helping  -    keeps nails, washers, screws  bolts,  drilling bits  handy while you are working                
Adjustable designed -  Wristband with  velcro fasterner can be adjusted to fit any wrist.                 
Ideal for many house work, home improvement,  handyman, auto repair.                
No more worry about dropping small items while working. 

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Part number:                    WB910804

Item type:                         Magnetic wrist band

Outer layer:                      Oxford fabric

Inner layer:                       soft breathable mesh padding

Magnet material:             Permanent magnet 

Magnet Quantity:            6 pcs 

Product  Length:             15.75 Inches

Product Width:                2.95 Inches

Product Weight:              2.19 Ounces

Product Color:                 Blue


One master carton includes 50pcs of magnetic wristband                        
Master carton:  11.8 Inch x 9.45 Inch  x 9.45 Inch