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Craftsman Magnetic Tray Parts Holder

6" Stainless steel magnetic parts tray organizer
Magnetic Stainless Steel Small Parts organizer
Retangle Magnetic Steel Tray
Part No.: MB910608
Size: 6" x 1"

Used in office, home and garage for holding paper clips, pins, and small metal objects                            
Powerful magnet with soft rubber coated for surface protection.                            
Easily stick magnetic parts bowl to any ferrous metal surface                            
Can be used sideways,  vertically, and upside down                            
Heavy duty stainless steel, corrosion resistant

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Part number:                                   MB910608

Item type:                                        Parts bowl

Tray shape:                                      Round

Tray finish:                                       Polished

Material:                                           Stainless steel  and magnet

Magnet:                                             Permanent magnet

Product Diameter(in) :                     6 in

Product Height (in) :                        1 in

Product Weight(in):

Product Color:                                  Silver

Each bowl is packed in a white box then in a carton.                             
Small magnetic parts bowl are packed 36pc to a carton                             
Gross weight around 17.5kgs a carton                            
Note:  Due to the hand measurement, there have size error about 1mm ~3mm