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What size magnet is the filter cigarette of electronic cigarette?

2019-10-21 10:21:45

In recent years, people's quality of life has improved continuously, more and more places have begun to ban smoking, and more and more people have begun to resist smoking. However, there are still some old smoking guns that want to quit smoking but can not, which makes smokers suffer. Following this trend, the electronic cigarette market began to rise. With the electronic cigarette as a new smoking mode, more and more smokers accepted and pursued the electronic cigarette market.


AISEN MAGNETS has also begun to receive more and more orders from electronic cigarette manufacturers. The materials used are NdFeB magnets with 5*3 electronic smoke magnets, 8*3 special magnets for electronic smoke, and 8-5*2 electronic smoke magnet rings. The special magnet for filter cigarette holder is used in electronic cigarette, which is compact and magnetic.


D2.5*2, D8*3, D8*5, D5*3, D6*3, D6*5, D4*2 are common magnet specifications for electronic smoke.