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What's the difference between nickel plating and zinc plating on strong magnets?

2019-10-11 09:40:58

Many people ask about the difference between Nd-Fe-B strong magnet galvanizing and nickel plating. What are the differences between galvanizing and nickel plating in appearance, price and rust-proof? Here is a detailed introduction to the galvanizing and nickel plating by Karich Xiaofu, a powerful magnet manufacturer.


Magnets have different surface plating methods, according to different customer requirements, the following are introduced separately.


Zinc plating: refers to the surface of metals, alloys or other materials coated with a layer of zinc, with a silver appearance, in the acid-base fixed various living substances and natural environment can ensure that products avoid deformation.


Nickel plating: Electrolytic or chemical plating of nickel on metals or some non-metals, known as nickel plating, is currently used nickel, copper and nickel.


Differences between zinc and nickel plating on magnets

Zinc has advantages. The price of magnet coating is galvanized, nickel plated and chromium plated from low to high. Material and manual differences determine prices. Conventional galvanizing and nickel plating are barrel plating and chromium plating are hanging plating.


2. Polishability

Because nickel polishes better than zinc and looks brighter, we have the color of a dollar coin.


3. Coating Thickness

Nickel plating is thicker than zinc plating. White zinc is 5-10um and nickel copper-nickel is 15-25um.


4. Performance

After the treatment of nickel surface, the temperature resistance has been improved a lot, and the conductive properties of nickel itself have been added.


V. Antirust Ability


Zinc plating is general, nickel plating is good, chromium plating is best.


The way of electroplating is mainly determined by the environment in which the magnet is used. If the environment in which the magnet is used is not very good, nickel plating is recommended.


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