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What is the purpose of the powerful model driving magnet?

2019-11-08 09:31:27

Maybe you will ask what is the driving magnet of the strong model and what is the driving magnet? Where is it used? Let's understand.


I. picture of powerful driving magnet


Material: rare earth neodymium iron boron N35


Surface plating (surface): electroplated nickel


Shape: cylinder


II. Common specifications of piling magnet:


[diameter 2mm, thickness 1mm]


[diameter 2mm, thickness 2mm]


[diameter 3mm, thickness 1mm]


[diameter 3mm, thickness 2mm]


[diameter 4mm, thickness 2mm]


[diameter 3mm, thickness 3mm]


[diameter 4mm, thickness 3mm]


[diameter 5mm, thickness 3mm]


III. what is the purpose of driving strong magnetism?


It is mainly used to connect two parts, with strong magnetism and easy disassembly.


Usage of strong magnetic driving: bury two magnets in two parts to be connected, drill holes by hand, and then dip the magnets into the glue.