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Precautions for use of magnet on injection molded parts

2019-11-15 10:36:44

In many cases, customers will need to use magnets and plastic injection together, we call magnetic components. There are usually two kinds, namely, neodymium iron boron magnetic component and ferrite magnetic component. Ferrite is not much to say, because it has good temperature resistance and basically has no problem. It is mainly neodymium iron boron magnetic component. What are the details we need to pay attention to when using strong magnet on injection molding parts?


Injection molding we all know that it needs to be formed by high temperature, only after high temperature molding, the injection parts will come out. In this case, if the magnet is placed on the injection molding part and molded together, the magnet is easy to demagnetize, or even no magnetism.


 How can magnet manufacturers solve the problem of magnet injection non demagnetization?


1. Use high temperature resistant magnetic materials to replace ordinary magnetic materials, but the cost will increase. Customers need to consider one is magnetic force and the other is temperature resistance.


2. The position of the magnet shall be reserved for the plastic mold, and then it shall be pressed in through the tool. The tolerance of the subsequent magnet shall be in line with the positive tolerance to avoid that the magnet is not tight and falls out.


The above are two points for attention about the use of strong magnet in the injection molding part. Through these two ways, the magnet demagnetization can be avoided when the magnet is used in the injection molding part.