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Nd-Fe-B magnetism with the highest performance

2019-09-27 09:38:11

One is soft magnetism, and Mgnet magnets are now divided into two main categories. A class of magnets is hard magnet. Conceptual soft magnetism includes silicon steel sheets and among them, soft magnet cores; and hard magnetism includes Al-Ni-Co-Sm-Co ferrite and Nd-Fe-B. The most expensive samarium-cobalt magnets are Nd-Fe-B magnets with the highest properties and the cheapest ferrite magnets. But the Al-Ni-Co magnet steel with the best temperature coefficient is the most stable. Users can choose different hard magnetic products according to different needs. Generally speaking, magnets refer to permanent magnets. Permanent magnets can be classified into two categories. The first category of metal alloy magnets includes NdFeB samarium cobalt magnet Sm Aluminum Nickel Cobalt magnet LNi, the second category of ferrite permanent magnet Ferrit. NdFeB magnet found the most commercialized magnet. Its maximum magnetic energy product BHmx is higher than that of ferrite Ferrit. Its mechanical processing performance is also quite stable, and is now known as the King of Magnets. Its application is extremely extensive. But because its chemical activity is very good, the working temperature can be as high as Celsius, and its texture is hard, so it has a good cost performance.


AISEN MAGNETS focused on development and manufacturing of Neodymium magnet, has more than 10 years manufacturing experience in producing various sizes, different shape and surface coating. Over 45 different grades of neodymium magnet (strong magnet)  widely used in many industry.

Our Production line including vacuum melting, Jet mill, Isostatic press, vacuum sintering, machining and magnetization. Our annual design output is 1000tons, currently output is 800tons.  Our experienced engineers work closely with customer to find out the best possible solutions to meet your requirements.