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Led magnet replaces traditional screw

2019-11-25 09:45:35

Magnet is widely used in the installation, transformation and daily maintenance of LED ceiling lamp. It is used to replace the traditional screw fixation, convenient to move the point light source of LED, and emit light at a proper angle. For example, "star light on the ground" designed by Yu yunjo and Kim seunghyun has been widely used in camping tents. Its magnetic characteristics make the point light source move freely in the tent without affecting sleep. It can also move the lamp body at any time. In the natural environment such as the field mine, it avoids the dilemma of big screws, saves resources and conforms to the contemporary green concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.


In order to make the lamp body firmly fixed in the desired position, the general led uses permanent magnet. Its magnetic materials are divided into "metal and alloy magnetic materials" and "ferrite magnetic materials". Among other materials, permanent magnet is a kind of material with strong magnetic force. Compared with the magnet in the hands of children on the market, its magnetic force is several times, dozens or even hundreds of times. Make sure that the lamp is only tighter than the screw after being sucked. Not only that, at the same time, permanent magnet can have very strong coercive force and strong anti-interference ability. In the natural environment and general environment, even time can not affect it, which greatly ensures the stability of the lamp. The corresponding screws will be loose in use for a period of time.


Moreover, after using the magnet, the magnet itself has rare metal elements, and its stable inactive metal elements ensure that it is not subject to external corrosion. In addition, the electroplated surface is immune to all kinds of substances in daily life, which is more than one height stronger than the appearance of the screw.


The use of magnets in all kinds of security, are completely superior to screws, is gradually updated, the era is moving forward.

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