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Introduction of permanent magnet material and soft magnet material of magnet

2019-11-01 08:58:34

Many people are not very clear about the permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials of magnets. Today, the small editor of magnet manufacturer AISEN will introduce them to you, including their functions in permanent magnet motors.


What is permanent magnet material?


Permanent magnet material is the earliest kind of magnetic material found and used, for example, compass in ancient China. Permanent magnetic material, compared with soft magnetic material, is also called hard magnetic material. The hardness of magnetic properties refers to that the magnetic material can retain its strong magnetism for a long time after being magnetized by an external magnetic field, which is characterized by high coercive force. Coercive force is the magnetic field strength of magnetic material after magnetization and demagnetization to reduce its residual magnetism to zero. The soft magnetic material is easy to magnetize and demagnetize when the magnetic field is applied, that is, the coercive force is very low. Demagnetization refers to adding a magnetic field (after magnetizing the magnetic material, adding a magnetic field in the opposite direction of the magnetization field to reduce its magnetic field).


With the continuous development of science and technology, permanent magnet materials not only have many kinds, but also are widely used. The commonly used permanent magnet materials are ferrite, rare earth and metal. Our rufeb is a kind of permanent magnetic material.


Magnetic properties of permanent magnet materials:


1. High stability, i.e. high stability of external interference magnetic field and degree, vibration and other environmental factors.


2. High coercive force.


3. High remanent flux density and high remanent magnetization.


4. High maximum magnetic energy product.


There are many kinds of soft magnetic materials, and they are widely used. The commonly used soft magnetic materials are mainly iron silicon soft magnetic materials, iron nickel soft magnetic alloys, ferrite soft magnetic materials, etc.; their magnetic properties are mainly high stability, high saturation flux density and high saturation magnetization, high permeability, low magnetic loss and electric loss, low coercive force, etc.


In the permanent magnet motor, they mainly play the role of a magnetic field. When the stator is electrified, a rotating magnetic field is generated. The permanent magnetic material or soft magnetic material on the rotor also generates a magnetic field, which rotates with the magnetic field generated by the stator.