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Introduction of magnetic steel for automobile tachometer

2019-11-22 10:00:47

People who know something about it all know that there are many magnets on the car, which are used in all parts of the car. Today we are going to introduce the magnetic steel of the automobile tachometer.


Firstly, the principle of the tachometer is introduced


The air core tachometer is widely used in speed indicating instruments of various automobiles, racing cars and motorcycles. It is usually composed of air shaft meter core and driving circuit. Air core meter is composed of two groups of vertically intersecting wire bundles and magnetic meter core with pointer. The magnetic field distribution of the magnet is radial. It is made of permanent magnetic materials such as neodymium iron boron. In general, plastic magnetic NdFeB magnet is used. Two wires are wrapped on a fixed framework. When the current is applied to two winding packages, a magnetic field will be generated, and the resultant magnetic field angle θ will change the current magnitude of the two packages, so as to correspondingly change the strength of the magnetic field generated by the two packages, that is, change the angle θ, so as to generate a rotating magnetic field. In this way, when the rotating magnetic field reaches a certain degree, the magnet meter core made of permanent magnet will rotate correspondingly, so that the pointer fixed on the magnet meter core will rotate correspondingly, and finally the corresponding scale will be indicated by the dial.


1. The automobile odometer magnetic steel is made of plastic magnetic neodymium iron boron material, with two pole magnetization mode. The magnetic field strength can be adjusted and selected between 850gs and 2500gs.


2. It can be formed with the needle shaft insert in one time with high dimensional accuracy, avoiding the dimensional deviation and product cracks caused by the secondary assembly process;


3. The unique polymer coating technology of magnet has good anti-corrosion effect and uniform magnetic properties.


The following are specifications of neodymium iron boron magnetic steel for some automobile tachometers:


Product specification Φ 12 * 1.9, needle shaft specification Φ 0.9 * 21.7


Product specification Φ 12 * 1.9, needle shaft specification Φ 0.9 * 22.7


Product specification Φ 14.5 * 1.45, needle shaft specification Φ 0.9 * 42


Other specifications of plastic magnetic neodymium iron boron magnetic steel can be produced according to the specific needs of customers!

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