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Health-care mechanism of Nd-Fe-B with high-strength magnetism

2019-09-20 13:35:25

Nd-Fe-B is a high-tech material of 863 project, belonging to high-end rare earth materials. In medical field, Nd-Fe-B is widely used in medical magnetic treatment, health care and medical imaging because of its high magnetic field performance, which benefits people's livelihood.


The magnetic field intensity of the third generation Nd-Fe-B high-strength magnet-Fe-B is more than ten times longer than that of the ordinary magnet. So far, the magnetic energy product discovered by human society has been widely used in national defense, aerospace technology, microwave, communication, electronics, medical care and so on. High-tech field.


The magnetotherapy of Nd-Fe-B and strong magnet acts on the water molecule bond of human body at the same time, and the angle and length of water deforms. After the treatment of Nd-Fe-B strong magnet, the physical and chemical properties of water change a series, and the activity and solubility of water are greatly improved. In addition, with the increase of the degree of polymerization of water, the dissolved solid substance becomes finer particles. When the particles are refined, the distance between the two ions is smaller, and it is not easy to coagulate on the wall of blood vessels, which helps to clean blood vessels.


Nd-Fe-B magnet  with high magnetization can change the physical properties of water, such as its external tension, density and solubility. It has a great influence on the chemical properties such as acid and alkali. Magnetized water can increase the activity of enzymes in water and permeability of biofilm, regulate human microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system and neurological function, and improve the chemical properties of water. Human immunity, prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. After high-intensity magnetization, water molecules are activated and oxygen content is high in the cells, thus enhancing the vitality of cells and slowly recovering the body unconsciously.

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