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Neodymium Round Base Magnet Male Thread Rubber Encased

Dia 66x8.5mm 39.6lbs Pull External Thread Rubber Coated Cusomtized neodymiym Round Base Magnet.
Part No.: RCB66M618EX
Size: Diameter 66x8.5 Height
* Strong magnetic force help to holding somthing, no scracting on surface.
* Easily and fast installation, will never moves on it's own

Part No.:                    RCB66M618EX

Material:                    Neodymium Magnet+Rubber Housing

Dimension:                66 diameter x 8.5 height

Pull strength:            39.6lbs

Thread hole:             M6

Magnet:                    Strong Magnet

Black Housing:         Soft Rubber

Magnet Coating:     Nickle plated

Tolerance:                +/-0.1mm (0.004”)

Applications:           Rubber coated disc magnets has strong holding force,
                                 can be used to mount, lift or holding some objects.

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Magnet Type:                    Permanent

Magnet Grade:                  N35, N38, N40, N42,N45,N48, N50,N52.
                                           Eight grades for option.
                                           N52 is strongest grade in all grades of neodymium magnet.

Tensile Strength:               8.0kg/mm2

Remanence (Br):               11.6.2 – 14.9KGs

Coercive Force(Hcb):        10 - 11.0KOe

Intrinsic Coercive Force( Hci ): 11-12KOe

Max Energy (BH)max:      33 – 53MGOe

Curie Point  (Max).:          80° (176℉)

Density:                             7.4~7.6g/cm3

Male Thread Rubber Coated Neodymium Pot Magnet

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