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Will Magnets Demagnetize at Low Temperature

2019-09-23 10:42:28

Magnets will be demagnetized when they encounter high temperature or when the temperature exceeds the service temperature. If the magnets encounter low temperature environment, will demagnetization also occur? We know that the maximum temperature resistance of Nd-Fe-B strong magnet is 220 degrees, while that of conventional magnet is 80 degrees. When the temperature approaches or exceeds the range that Nd-Fe-B strong magnet can bear, demagnetization will occur. The longer the time the magnet demagnetizes, the more demagnetization will occur, and the magnet will be completely demagnetized at a certain time.


Ferrite magnets can withstand a maximum temperature of nearly 500 degrees, while ferrite magnets can not withstand such a low temperature environment. According to the authoritative test results, ferrite magnets begin to appear demagnetization when they reach a low temperature environment of about 40 degrees. Such an environment has a high probability of occurring in the north, so ferrite is used in some outdoor products. The use of magnets is relatively small, while the neodymium iron boron strong magnets are relatively stable, and the magnetic flux is relatively stable in a low temperature environment of 40 degrees in time. Therefore, most of the outdoor products in the north are neodymium iron boron strong magnets, such as communication antenna, automatic induction fence, monitoring camera, etc.


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