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Why can't strong magnets be too thin?

2019-10-08 10:04:19

Powerful magnet, as we all know, is a solid sintered from rare earth NdFeB. Its magnetism is very strong, and it has been used in many fields. It is also a common magnet in the market. It has different shapes and sizes, thick and thin, long and short. There are simple and complex, in our magnet manufacturer's many years of production experience, the thickness and length of magnet has a certain range, not to think about how many, it must conform to the characteristics of magnet products.


Our customer service personnel often meet customers to ask how big or thin the powerful magnet can be made. In fact, these are all OK. But it is too big, its magnetic force is very strong, very inconvenient in use, when encountering ferrous products, this strong magnet will be strongly sucked, it is easy to crush the magnet, serious will hurt people, so we will not recommend customers to use too large; secondly, when the magnet is too thin, it is also very in use. Inconvenient, because it is rare earth, very easy to disconnect, coupled with strong magnetic force, it is easy to cause waste of product costs.


Some customers need magnet thickness of 0.2mm, 0.3mm in product design. What should we do?


For such a thin thickness, small knitting can not do anything, because the blades of magnet processing machines have a certain thickness, too thin we can not produce, about 0.5mm is relatively good to produce many.


AISEN MAGNETS focused on development and manufacturing of Neodymium magnet, has more than 10 years manufacturing experience in producing various sizes, different shape and surface coating. Over 45 different grades of neodymium magnet (strong magnet)  widely used in many industry.

Our Production line including vacuum melting, Jet mill, Isostatic press, vacuum sintering, machining and magnetization. Our annual design output is 1000tons, currently output is 800tons.  Our experienced engineers work closely with customer to find out the best possible solutions to meet your requirements.