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Is neodymium iron boron magnet harmful to people?

2020-03-11 13:30:47

Is neodymium iron boron magnet harmful to people? The magnetic induction intensity of ordinary magnet is not high, which will not cause harm to human body. If you work in a certain part for a long time, it is still under study, just like acupuncture, as if it is more mysterious than acupuncture. However, CRT is generated by scanning the electron current under the deflection of magnetic field, so it interferes with CRT.


The external magnetic field will distort the magnetic field in the imaging tube and make the electron flow deviate from the normal scanning track. Causes image distortion (black and white and color display) and color spots (color display only). Generally speaking, the magnetic shielding technology is used for multimedia speakers, which will not cause any impact when placed next to CRT. However, taking out the speaker magnet to scan CRT will see obvious effect. However, it will not cause any damage to the service life of CRT, only the long-term image distortion caused by single point burn.



If the image is still deformed after removing the magnet, it is because the metal palette on the inner surface of the picture tube is magnetized. As long as the demagnetization function of the display is turned on and demagnetization is removed, the old display needs to be turned on several times. For qualified hard disk, magnetic shielding technology is quite high. You can't destroy it from the outside through a magnetic field. Experts have calculated that if the magnetic field reaches this strength, it will be enough to suck out all the iron in your body.


Floppy disks and tapes are what we should really pay attention to, but it's true who still uses floppy disks to manage their bank cards (with magnetic stripes on them). For motherboards or anything else, you don't need to be careful what the bad consequences will be. Previous friends mentioned the problem of mobile phone calls, not because of the magnetic field, but because of the change of the electromagnetic field.


The changing electromagnetic field radiates the electromagnetic wave to the surrounding space, while the magnet produces a constant magnetic field and does not radiate the electromagnetic wave outward. Needless to say, at present, the electromagnetic compatibility concepts of electromagnetic signal interference household appliances are mainly aimed at the problems of electromagnetic wave pollution to the power grid, rather than human health problems.


The telephone is placed next to the recorder, which makes a lot of noise when making a call, which is much worse than the short wave radio. As for computers, I haven't tried or seen them. One day we'll try. But I don't think it's anything unless the machine is too bad. The harm of microwave (high-frequency electromagnetic wave) to people all over the world is still under intensive research. There are a lot of research on what is the radiation standard of mobile phones. However, if a person is exposed to high-intensity electromagnetic fields for a long time (note that this is a constantly changing electromagnetic field, rather than a constant one), he may cause cancer.

Now the frequency of CPU and mainboard bus has entered the decimeter microwave band. Those who open the cover of the case to play for a long time should pay attention. In a word, the magnet is very safe. Don't be afraid. Although the microwave oven can't be avoided, it should also be careful. Try not to open the lid of the box, try to open it, try to stay away from it, and don't open it to people.

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