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Introduction to the specific difference between single-sided magnet and double-sided magnet

2019-11-04 10:10:10

As for single-sided magnet and double-sided magnet, are you still confused? Today, Xiaofu, the magnet manufacturer, comes to tell you the specific difference between single-sided magnet and double-sided magnet. Why do some customers use single-sided magnet? What are the characteristics of single-sided magnet? The price is much cheaper than the double-sided magnet and so on.


Before we talk about single-sided magnet, we need to know what is single-sided magnet? Where is single-sided magnet mainly used? You can read the previous article "what is a single-sided magnet" if you don't know.


In some cases, only one side needs to be magnetic, and if the other side is magnetic, it will cause damage or interference to the product itself, etc., so a single-sided magnet is required at this time.


In some cases, for example, the magnet on the packing box only needs one side to be magnetic, and the other side is optional and useless. In this way, the use of single-sided magnet will greatly reduce the cost and save magnetic materials.


In the magnet industry, single-sided magnet and double-sided magnet are the same in nature. They are all neodymium iron boron magnets. However, single-sided magnets are relatively low in cost. They are composed of one iron shell and one magnet. In this way, one side of the wrapped magnet will be shielded, the magnetic force will be refracted to the other side, and the other side of the magnet will be strengthened. The double-sided magnet is an ordinary disk magnet, which is not wrapped.


Price comparison of single magnet and double magnet


In terms of price, the single-sided magnet of the same specification is lower than the double-sided magnet, and the magnetic strength of the single-sided magnet is not much different, mainly saving the cost of the magnet and reducing its specification.