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Introduction of magnet phase absorption and iron absorption principle

2020-02-18 09:51:21

Many people pay attention to the principle of magnets? Why can a magnet attract iron? What is the principle? Why can magnets attract iron?


Answer from netizen: all substances are made up of molecules or atoms, and the electrons outside the atomic nucleus will rotate in a directional way to form magnetism. Generally, the molecular order of objects is disorderly, so the magnetic field formed by the rotation of electrons counteracts each other, so ordinary objects are not magnetic, and the electrons outside the atomic nucleus of magnets are all rotating in one direction, so magnets are magnetic and large Small is the sum of the magnetism produced by electrons


The process of attracting iron by magnet is called magnetization, which is to change the disordered molecules in iron into order through the magnetic field, so iron will be as magnetic as a magnet first


What is the principle of magnet attraction?


The interaction between magnets is a very wonderful thing, so people are also very keen on their research, so they are widely used in society. It takes a long time to learn every kind of knowledge thoroughly. Karich editor shared with you the principle of mutual attraction of magnets


It is a principle that ab magnets attract and atoms attract, that is, some atoms of a magnet combine with some atoms of B magnet.


Important knowledge: magnets and magnets will release heat (energy, particles) when they are close to each other, that is to say, atoms combine with atoms to release energy. We don't feel it in our daily life. Don't deny energy conservation by one of our own feelings


Analysis: an independent magnet principle, the particles from the positive rotation sphere at one end of the magnet will be affected by the external particles every step, go out of a curve track after a difficult movement process, and finally move to the other end to enter the counter rotation sphere A very important understanding: if the speed of particles is constant in the process of motion, the greater the direction of particle motion changes, the greater the cooperative force by the external particles, if the cooperative force of particles in linear motion is 0, that is, the greater the curvature of particles in curve motion, the greater the force


Reanalysis: when magnet a and magnet B meet, the particles from the positive rotation sphere at one end of magnet B directly enter into the reverse rotation sphere of magnet a, that is to say, these particles no longer experience the difficult movement process, reducing the bending path at both ends, that is, the external force reduces a lot Why do magnets attract each other The reason why magnets attract each other is that they have ferroelectricity (a property related to the structure of ions in metals). This is a knowledge of the physical properties of materials, which is relatively deep. Aluminum, copper, etc. do not have this property, so they are not attracted. Stainless steel is a ferroalloy added with chromium and other elements, because the magazine destroys the original composition of metal cations, making them lose ferroelectricity, so they are not attracted.

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