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Green and efficient air conditioning refrigeration for Nd-Fe-B or ferrite?

2019-11-29 09:19:25

According to the main objectives of the action plan for green and efficient refrigeration jointly issued by the seven ministries and commissions of the people's Republic of China on June 13, the energy efficiency of China's refrigeration products should be greatly improved at two nodes: by 2022, the energy efficiency level of household air conditioning, multi line refrigeration products and other refrigeration products will be increased by more than 30%, the market share of green and efficient refrigeration products will be increased by 20%; by 2030, the overall energy efficiency level of refrigeration will be increased by 25% Above, the market share of green and efficient refrigeration products has increased by more than 40%.


So in the field of home appliances, how about the use of rare earth permanent magnets? As we all know, rare earth permanent magnet is used in the frequency conversion field of household appliances, such as frequency conversion rotor compressor and scroll compressor. It is understood that the permeability of NdFeB in frequency conversion compressor is only about 46%, and the rest (about 54%) is still ferrite.


The main brands of NdFeB used in compressors are 48Sh and above products, such as 48Sh, 38uh, 38eh, etc.; the current prices of these brands are between 320-390 yuan / kg, assuming 0.12kg of NdFeB used in each compressor, the market price is between 38-47 yuan. For ferrite, the price is only 6-8 yuan / kg, and its dosage is several times that of NdFeB. The price is more than 10 yuan at most, which is far cheaper than NdFeB. However, the use of ferrite will lead to the increase of compressor volume, which will correspondingly increase the consumption of other raw materials such as steel, copper, refrigerant, etc., and also lead to the increase of raw material cost.


The most important thing is that the maximum intrinsic coercive force of permanent ferrite is only about 5.2koe, and the maximum magnetic energy product is not more than 5.2koe. At present, the intrinsic coercive force and magnetic energy integration of neodymium iron boron with the lowest brand of variable frequency compressor are above 19koe and 36koe, and the performance of ferrite can not meet the current primary and secondary energy efficiency standards. According to the understanding of industry online, the new energy efficiency standard to be launched will change the old level 1-3 products to level 1-5 products. In the new energy efficiency standard, level 1-3 products are basically frequency conversion products. The requirements of air conditioning energy efficiency will be further improved, which may lead to further mismatching of ferrite performance. Therefore, NdFeB will become the mainstream in the field of frequency conversion air conditioning.


It is understood that at present, some variable frequency compressors are mainly made of permanent ferrite with relatively high profit, but pure ferrite can not achieve the corresponding performance at all, so the ferrite added with rare earth is used to achieve the performance required by variable frequency compressor, but the disadvantage of the product is that the performance is slightly poor and the volume is large, although the cost is low, but in today's quality competition, the product is stable The quality and after-sales are the most important for consumers, not just the price. Therefore, the introduction of new energy efficiency standards will be conducive to the improvement of the penetration ratio of NdFeB in variable-frequency compressors. However, how to improve the energy efficiency ratio will continue to be concerned.

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