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Do not confuse permanent magnet with magnetic component

2020-04-09 10:06:30

Magnetic components are both familiar and unfamiliar. They are familiar because they often appear in the family. For example, the door stopper in our family uses the combination of magnet and hardware. Is permanent magnet the same as magnetic components?


Generally speaking, permanent magnet and magnetic component are two different concepts, so what is magnetic component? It's some components with magnetism. As long as there is a permanent magnet in these components, no matter what kind of permanent magnet it is. 

For example, NdFeB permanent magnet refers to a kind of magnet, which is totally different from each other


There are many magnetic materials that can be used as permanent magnets. Now the application of magnetic materials can be said to be very extensive. Some wind power generation and linear motor using NdFeB permanent magnet use electromagnetic conversion. This is also a common and commonly used one. And now we go to the hospital, often talking about a kind of MRI technology, which is very effective and very accurate to check the diseases of the body. This is the use of permanent magnets. The air conditioner used in our home, even some weapon systems, can not do without permanent magnets. The carriers of these magnetic materials are some magnetic components.